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      I will definitely continue using ColourvVUE and without doubt, I will tell my friends about it.  quote


'I have not worn contact lenses for almost three years and it usually takes me some time to get adjusted. However, ColourVUE lenses felt so instantly comfortable. I didn't have problems wearing the lenses for long periods and I am truly amazed with the range of different designs and colours, especially the Crazy Lenses.'

'I find the ColourVUE lenses natural looking and with the Big Eyes series my eyes look larger. They are the most comfortable coloured contact lenses that I have tried on so far.'

'I felt very comfortable with these lenses, even after wearing them for several hours. The designs, quality and colours are totally different from other brands in the market, and I will definitely recommend this brand to my friends.'

'Now, having tried the entire range of ColourVUE coloured contact lenses, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised to find one of the series, which is the Colourvue 3 Tones, the most comfortable in terms of vision clarity and aesthetics. The colour looks natural enough and at the same time it makes my eyes a lot more alluring.

Their monthly disposable clear contact lenses, the HDX55 High Definition Aspheric contact lenses, are ultra thin at only 0.04m, has high oxygen permeability and are great for low astigmatism. Being short sighted and with low astigmatism, as I am, I was thrilled to find that I could clearly read tiny print with ease, objects far away were clearer and best of all they were comfortable enough to wear for over 12 hours.'

'I tried ColourVUE colour contact lenses yesterday, they are very comfortable, and the colours are really nice, the price is reasonable as well and they are easy to wear. I like them so so so much I wanted to buy them straight away but I have Astigmatism and the power is quite high and this make me think twice before I buy, because I hope to have a clearer vision. I really really hope that your company will consider coming out colour contact lenses for Astigmatism in the future. I will definitely buy it if the product is out.'

'As a user of Big Eyes ColourVUE lenses, I felt so comfortable and satisfied when I used them especially for long periods. The designs, quality and colors are totally different to other products out there. I will definitely recommend ColourVUE lenses to all my friends.'

'I'm wearing ColourVUE Stars & Jewels lenses now. I think they are great as my eyes do not feel dry throughout the whole day, and most of my friends were amazed to see stars in my eyes!'

'My friend recommended that I use ColourVUE Lenses. I love them!! Not only are ColourVUE lenses so natural looking but my eyes also look bigger. ColourVUE lenses are the most comfortable color lenses I have tried on. I will definitely continue using ColourVUE and without doubt, I will tell my friends about them.'

'OMG, the Aqua lenses are beautiful and they make a lot of difference to my eyes! Thank you sooo much for everything, you were very kind and understanding of my needs! I wish every other company was like ColorVUE!'

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